2017 Harvest 3

Harvest 3

Howdy folks and welcome to week three of your Tumbleweed Farm share. We're happy to report that carrots are making their seasonal debut and are sweet and delicious!  We're also pretty excited for our first harvest of lettuce and spinach this season and hope that you all are as excited about salads as we are! The fields are filling up quickly with summer crops but for now the spring bounty is coming in strong and we're really happy with this week's harvest. This is probably going to be the last week of bok choy for a while as our second planting of it is getting pretty worked by flea beetles. We were hoping that the bugs wouldn't be a big issue this year because of the harsh winter we had but unfortunately that's not the case. We're dealing with a lot of root maggot and flea beetle damage to some of our spring crops (broccoli, kohlrabi, bok choy, cauliflower and cabbage) it's a major bummer but we're hopeful that they'll slow down as the season gets underway a bit more. We've purchase more row cover this season (it really helps with keeping the bugs out) but unfortunately didn't get it on some of these crops early enough.

Enough about the bad stuff though! We are loving this spring weather and the lettuce, spinach, turnips, carrots, green garlic and mizuna are all wonderful this week. We're continuing to till more of the field in preparation of the fall crops that we're starting in the greenhouse this week (can't believe we're already seeding fall broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower!!) As I look out at the farm while I write this newsletter I can see corn blowing in the wind, rows of beautiful lettuces, kale growing by the day, summer squash exploding and the pigs chasing each other in their pen. The farm may not always run according to plan but I can assure you all that there's plenty of life thriving out in the fields right now.

Taylor and I hope that you enjoy the bounty and recipe suggestions this week! Cheers to the harvest.

Your farmers,
A & T

Harvest 3

  1. Green garlic,
  2. Spinach
  3. Head lettuce (keep in a plastic bag in the fridge)
  4. Mizuna (keep in a plastic bag in the fridge)
  5. Bok Choy (plastic bag in the fridge)
  6. Carrots (remove the greens and store the greens and roots separately. You can use the greens to make pesto, gremolata, or dice up and add to a salad)
  7. Turnips (remove the greens and store them separately in the fridge)

Recipe Suggestions

spring Garlic Soup.jpg
roasted carrots

Roasted Carrots and Beets with Carrot Top Pesto (use beets from last week's haul if you still have them or swap with the turnips here!)

turnip soup