2017 Harvest 6

Howdy folks and welcome to week 6 of your Tumbleweed Farm share. We're stoked with this week's bounty and hope you all enjoy the fruits and veggies as much as we do! The days have been long, hot and stressful but damn, we're beyond happy with what we were able to pull out of the ground this week. Strawberries are making their seasonal debut along with the snow peas. The garlic scapes are on their way out and I must admit that this week it will be beneficial to cut the stems pretty high (almost up to the rubber band) because now that the scapes are at the end of their season the stems can get a bit "woody". The flavor is still lovely and I'd recommend cooking the scapes this week to soften them up a bit instead of enjoying raw like the past few weeks.  Fresh garlic should be making an appearance in your boxes soon so there will be plenty of garlic to go around in the very near future!

This week we've spent a lot of time thinning beets, carrots, parsnips and turnips. The potatoes have been hilled (thank god for the potato hiller we finally invested in for the tractor!) and the tomatoes have been strung for a third time. They're growing fast and we're really happy with how healthy the plants are looking! We're still seeding thousands of seeds in the greenhouse each week and continue to transplant into the field. Because it's been so hot we're continuously moving irritation around. It's great to have this warm weather (we've needed it) but watering is a full time job! Just as we're getting into the groove of one task it's time to stop and move all the lines around. We're dialing in a system for next season so that we don't have to move them as often but for now, it is what it is and it's necessary!

Anyhow, we hope you all have enjoyed this warm weather and are able to relax a bit and cook up a few farm fresh meals with your friends and family. Enjoy the bounty this week!


Your farmers,
A & T

Harvest 6

  1. Garlic Scapes (trim the ends as they're woody this week. I'd recommend roasting or grilling them)
  2. Kale
  3. Turnips (remove greens and store separately)
  4. Beets (same as above)
  5. lettuce (store in a plastic bag)
  6. Snow peas
  7. Strawberries 
  8. Bok Choy

Recipe Suggestions

2017 Harvest 5

Howdy folks and welcome to harvest 5! This week it's a "get your greens" kind of week! Lots of lovely veggies to help nourish you through the week ahead. We're happy that we we're able to sneak in some arugula this week as we though the flea beetles had gotten to it before we could. However, it's absolutely perfect! Tender, lightly spiced and tastes best with just a touch of olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt. 

This week we're happy to have another round of garlic scapes be a part of your share. We've been enjoying them on the grill and love their fresh flavor. We're getting close to harvesting full heads of garlic (probably in the next 3 weeks) and cannot wait to get you some fresh garlic soon! A few exciting things are starting to mature in the fields. Snow peas, potatoes, summer squash, and zucchini are looking good. We're still a few weeks out from them but we're happy with how healthy things are looking. 

The days are continuing to get warm which we're absolutely stoked about. I think this week we're finally going to see the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants really take off (we should be harvesting those late July). The days continue to be full of planting, weeding, seeding, watering, harvesting, and spreading compost. We're busy over here but loving life all at the same time!

We hope you all enjoy this weeks harvest. As always there are recipes below to help inspire you if you need a little motivation in the kitchen.

Cheers to the harvest!

Your farmers,
A & T 

Harvest 5

  1. Bok Choy (store in a plastic bag in the fridge)
  2. Head Lettuce (store same as above)
  3. Bunched Spinach (store same as above)
  4. Miznua (store same as above)
  5. Garlic scapes (store same as above)
  6. Radishes (remove greens and store greens and roots separately in plastic bags)
  7. Turnips (store same as above)
  8. Arugula 

Recipe Suggestions 

Green Garlic Risotto with Mizuna (replace the green garlic with garlic scapes)

2017 Harvest 4

Howdy folks and welcome to week 4 of your Tumbleweed Farm CSA haul. We're thrilled that garlic scapes are making their seasonal debut this week along with the kale. I've got a killer za'atar kale chip recipe that I'll be sharing below and hope you all give it a try. The lettuce this week is big and beautiful and the radishes are crips and tender. This will be the last week for carrots for a while as we're now moving out of the greenhouse and waiting for the field carrots to mature so enjoy these puppies while we've got 'em!

The weather has been a little on the cool side these past few weeks and we're really in need of some heat to come our way so that our summer crops can start cranking. We've been happy with the rain that we've had but now it's time for things to heat up. Luckily, it's looking like next week the weather will warm up a bit and hopefully we'll see some growth in the fields.

In the meantime we hope you all enjoy your week four bounty. As always there are some recipes below to help you get through your box. We hope you all get to relax a bit this week and cook up some tasty meals with your family and friends. 

Cheers from Tumbleweed Farm!

Your farmers,
A & T

Harvest 4

  1. Carrots (remove the greens and store separately in the fridge)
  2. Radishes (remove the greens and store separately in the fridge)
  3. Lettuce (store in a plastic bag in the fridge)
  4. Spinach
  5. Mustard Greens (store in a plastic bag in the fridge)
  6. Garlic scapes (store in a plastic bag in the fridge--the whole scape is edible)
  7. Kale (store in a plastic bag in the fridge)

Recipe Suggestions