2016 Harvest 3

Howdy folks and welcome to week three of your Tumbleweed Farm CSA. It's a crazy time of the year on the farm where we are running around trying to stay on top of chores and doing our best to not fall too far behind. The days are spent tending to early spring crops, harvesting for markets, restaurants and CSA, prepping beds for summer crops, seeding, transplanting, irrigating, weeding, irrigating and weeding--- Rinse and repeat! We love the chaos but it's also a stressful time of the year when the heat arrives and the entire farm is constantly thirsty. With that being said, the future is looking very bright.  Despite the heat we have some tasty veggies that will be making their seasonal debut very soon. Sugar snap peas, snow peas and summer squash are all looking really healthy and should be popping up in the boxes very soon! Beets aren't far behind and the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers are all looking really healthy. The lettuce transplanting is in full force--we transplant 500 heads of lettuce from the greenhouse out into the field each week and the leaves are so tender and delicious this time of the year we can't get enough. We hope you all love the lettuce as much as we do.

Because of our major crop devastation of spring broccoli and cauliflower you all won't be receiving it at the same time this year. With that being said, each week for the next month or so we'll do our best to make sure each box receives broccoli at least once.  The gophers didn't wipe out the entire planting so we're able to harvest a small percentage of what they left behind which we're stoked about! We're sowing our large fall plantings of broccoli and cauliflower this week and we are hopeful the the fall harvest will prove to be abundant. 

We hope you enjoy your week 3 box and the recipe suggestions below. 

Cheers from your farmers!

Harvest 3

  1. Red Choi (a baby bok choy variety)--this little guy tastes really good tossed on the grill
  2. Collard Greens (see the recipe suggestions below for these tasty greens!)
  3. Garlic Scapes (awesome grilled!)
  4. Head Lettuce
  5. Dill
  6. Turnips
  7. Spicy Spring Mix (eaten raw or lightly sautéed these pack a little spice. See the recipe suggestion below.

Recipe Suggestions