2018 Harvest 7

Harvest 7.jpg

Howdy folks and welcome to week 7 of your Tumbleweed Farm share. This week it's a very green box! We're happy to finally be swimming in zucchini and peas. It's been a slow start for the zucchini but but with warmer evening temps things are finally catching up and we will be rocking it for most of the season. This week we've got leeks and dill making their seasonal debut and the collard greens are back (one of my favorite greens!)

Things out in the fields are looking good. We're pulling garlic out of the ground and should have some heads appearing in your box weekly starting very soon. The next round of carrots is slow to size up but we're hoping to get some to you in the next few weeks. Aside from that, there isn't a lot of news to report from the farm (which we count as a blessing!) 

We hope you all have a wonderful July 4th and hopefully get to throw some of these veggies on the grill to celebrate.

Cheers to the harvest!

Your farmers,
A & T

Harvest 7

  1. Turnips (remove the greens and store separately)
  2. Iceberg lettuce
  3. Mizuna
  4. Collard Greens
  5. Leeks
  6. Dill
  7. Kohlrabi
  8. Snow Peas
  9. Sugar Snap Peas
  10. Zucchini

Recipe Suggestions