2019 Harvest 7


Howdy folks and welcome to week 7 of your Tumbleweed Farm CSA. We’re so excited to share some new veggies with you this week and even more excited that there’s a lot more variety coming in hot in the coming weeks. Things are looking great out here and we’re absolutely stoked with the bounty so far this season. This week we’re happy to debut the first of the black radishes. For those of you joining us for the first time this year the black radishes are some of our favorites but just to warn you they’re a bit spicier than traditinoal radishes. For that reason we love preparing them by slicing them really thin and adding them to salads or topping pizza or sourdough toast. They’re absolutely beautiful (black on the outside and tuxedo white on the inside) so have fun with them. They’re also great “quick pickled” and will keep for months in jars in the refrigerator. They also look really pretty served on a meat and cheese platter if you slice them into thin rounds. Go wild!

In the coming weeks sugar snap peas will be making their debut along with zucchini, new potatoes, basil, and the first of the field carrots. Lot’s to look forward and in the meantime we hope you love the box this week.

Cheers to the summer harvest!

Your farmers,
A & T

Harvest Week 7

  1. Turnips— remove the greens and store separately

  2. Black Radishes, remove and discard the greens (they’re really tough and I don’t recommend eating them)

  3. Romaine lettuce

  4. Head lettuce

  5. Cabbage

  6. Dill

  7. Leeks

  8. Rainbow Chard

Recipe Suggestions