1 Week to go

Well folks, we're almost there! Your first box will be arriving in exactly one week and we could not be more stoked to share the Tumbleweed bounty with you all. The fields are cranking and things are all looking really healthy. We've been on deer patrol a bit recently (even camping out in the fields with our dog and motion detector) and they seem to not be bothering us anymore. However, if they return, you may end up with a surprise package of venison in one of your boxes (just kidding, kind of...)

With that being said your first box will be packed with lot's of leafy greens and recipe suggestions for some of the more exotic items. We've been eating like kings recently and we can't wait for you all to enjoy the fresh flavors of the season too! We also wanted to let everyone know that all of our CSA members receive a 10 percent discount when you shop from us at the Hood River Farmers market (Thursdays from 4-7) or on site at the farm. We have eggs available at the market but we will not be supplying them in the boxes only because not all of our girls are laying yet and we won't have enough for everyone.  Our hope is to get you all eggs in the fall when our youngest gals start producing.

Alright, that's all from the fields this week. We can't wait to see you all next Tuesday. We hope your hungry!!!