3 Weeks to go

With winter completely behind us and new ground being tilled everyday we are embarking on another season here at Tumbleweed Farm. The fields are filling up quickly with greens, root veggies, squash, tomatoes, potatoes and much more! We are proud to announce that our CSA is completely full with a majority of you joining us for a second year. You guys rock! This season we are also excited to have quite a few new members joining the Tumbleweed Farm family.  We look forward to meeting you all in person soon!

This year we have 3 locations for pick up. Many of you barre3 folks will be grabbing your boxes at the home office in NE, while our new members will be meeting us at Migration Brewery where we will likely be sipping on beers and enjoying the brief vacation from the farm. We invite any and all of you who are thirsty to join us there! We also have some local members who will be picking their shares up right from the farm and look forward to bumping into you on premise. Honestly, we feel so good about our group this year and could not be more thankful to have your support.

The Hood River Farmers market is in full swing and we are there every Thursday from 5-8 pm.  If you find yourself in the area please swing by and say hi. We also wanted to let our members know that you all receive a 10% discount on produce you purchase from us at the markets.  We are currently harvesting a few early greens, herbs and have a small amount of fresh eggs.

Anyhow, we just wanted to touch base and fill you in on a few things. Please check back here often as this is where all communication will continue. We'll be updating at least once a week if not more.

Take care everyone and see you all Tuesday, June 2nd. Below are a few snaps from around the farm. Enjoy!