2019 Harvest 1


Howdy folks and welcome to the first week of your 2019 Tumbleweed Farm CSA share. We hope you all had a restful winter and are hungry for fresh veggies! We’re thrilled to have so many of the same folks join us again for another season (you guys all rule!) and we’re excited to meet some new faces as well. This is our largest group of families to date (80!!!) but we’re feeling rested and ready to tackle another farm year. We’ve got two extra farm hands to help us out which is rad so things feel more manageable than ever even as we’re growing.

I know we all might be a little rusty with meal prep and grocery shopping as we find our CSA groove but I know we'll all get there. The first few weeks you can expect a lot of leafy greens and roots. I know a lot of you are seasoned pros but for some of you it may be a little more daunting to figure out what to do with everything. As long as your cupboards are stocked with the basics (grains, oils, vinegar’s, butter, bread, pasta, meat, etc.) I'll think you'll be set up for success. We'll supply plenty of recipes and storage tips so you get the most out of your fresh produce. And please, never hesitate to reach out with questions. 

And just like that, below is a list of week 1’s box. Happy cooking and eating!

Harvest One

  1. Head Lettuce (keep in a produce bags in the crisper section of your fridge)

  2. Baby Bok Choy X 2 (keep in produce bags in the fridge)

  3. Beets (remove greens and store roots and greens separately in the fridge)

  4. Overwintered Parsnips (keep in produce bags in the fridge)

  5. Arugula

  6. Radishes (remove greens and store greens and roots separately)

  7. Green Garlic— (store in the fridge)

Recipe Suggestions