2019 Harvest 2


Howdy folks and welcome to week 2 of your 2019 CSA. Below is a list of what’s in your box along with recipe suggestions. Spring produce is cranking so we hope you’re hungry!

This week we’re excited to finally get some warm sunshine back after a cool, wet and very windy week. We’re planting summer crops like crazy and the zucchini, peppers and tomatoes are looking great so far. The watermelons didn’t take the cold week very well and look less than stellar out there but we’re hopeful they’ll bounce back. Carrots are looking good and should make an appearance in your shares by next week (if not the week after) and we’re happy to say that the garlic scapes are starting to crop up and look amazing! Stay tuned for those seasonal gems, they’re season is short, but oh so damn sweet!

Anyhow, we hope you all had a great memorial day weekend and have cleared your fridges and are ready for more veggies! And if that’s not the case and you’re still loaded down don’t forget to make our “famous” compost pasta recipe. Basically throw every veggie in a skillet with oil, saute until wilted and throw it onto a bowl of pasta with plenty of cheese. No recipe needed!

Happy eating everyone!

Your farmers,
A & T

Harvest 2

  1. Beets— remove the greens and store the greens and roots in separate produce bags in the fridge

  2. Bok Choy— store in a giant produce bag or remove all the leaves and store it in a regular produce bag in the fridge

  3. Mustard Greens—store in produce bags in the fridge

  4. Spinach— produce bags

  5. Turnips— remove greens and store roots and greens separately in produce bags

  6. Green Garlic— store in produce bags

  7. Kale— produce bags in the fridge

Recipe Suggestions