2019 Harvest 3

Howdy folks and welcome to week three of your Tumbleweed Farm CSA share. This week things are freaking CRANKING!!!! The fields are looking so good and things are starting to grow really fast (including all the weeds!) Luckily, we’ve been staying on top of weed patrol pretty well with the crew and thanks to our new irragtion set up we’re not spending nearly as much time moving lines around as we have in years past. We’re stoked with how well things are producing and we’re getting excited to start moving into summer crops here pretty soon. But before that, we’re going to slow down and enjoy all the flavors of the spring bounty. We hope you all enjoy this week’s harvest. And those of you who have been with us for multiple years you know that our favorite spring gem is the lovely garlic scape and this week a bundle is making its way into your shares!! Eat ‘em up folks!!

Happy cooking everyone!

Your farmers,
A & T

Harvest 3

  1. Baby Bok Choy X 2— store in produce bags in the fridge

  2. Collard Greens— store in produce bags in the fridge

  3. Garlic scapes— produce bags in the fridge

  4. Spinach—- produce bags in the fridge

  5. Carrots— remove the tops and store the greens and roots in separate bags in the fridge. The greens are edible

  6. Radishes— remove greens and store separately in the fridge

  7. Elegance Mix

Recipe Suggestions